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We are Erin and Paul!

A travel-loving couple who have developed a passion for aviation through our love of new adventures. Together, we have a goal to explore all 50 states from above and on the ground, while continually seeking new experiences that push our boundaries.

Erin & Paul Story

Paul always had a passion for aviation- I mean it was in his blood. He wasn’t that “typical” avi-geek, but he grew up around it and was always fascinated by it. His grandfather was a navy pilot and had flown for Alaska airlines for over 40 years! Growing up, Paul always knew he wanted to get his pilot license at some point, and when he moved to Louisville, Kentucky for a travel nursing assignment, he did just that. After hopping around from one travel nursing assignment to another, Paul finished up his Private Pilot’s License in Fresno, California in November of 2020; right after Paul and Erin got married.

On the other hand, Erin did not always have a passion for aviation. However, during their honeymoon, Erin developed a deep-passion for adventure and pushing her comfort zone (maybe it was from the shark diving in South Africa or sky-diving in New Zealand). When Paul and her returned from their honeymoon, and he finished up his license, they started taking a lot of flights together. Erin slowly became intrigued with flying and wanted to learn how to operate an aircraft, but it wasn’t until she was well into her lessons learning maneuvers that her passion for flying really developed.


Neither Erin nor Paul ever had a “typical” passion for aviation like other avi-geeks. It stemmed from the experiences aviation brought them together. Whether it being flying to the coast to bike and hang at the beach for the day or flying to Sedona to go on an epic hike in the red rocks, their love for aviation really developed because of their passion for adventure.

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